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Each building, no matter how big or small it is, starts with a framework. The framework is its own skeleton, and from there the construction begins to piece together until it turns into an inhabitable space. Since the framework is so essential to the building’s achievement, choosing the right company to build it is not something to be taken lightly.

Brennan & Associates Inc has extensive expertise building high quality frames which help bring buildings together. If you are in the process of placing a building together, we can assist.

Due to the role a frame plays in the effective construction of a structure, it must always be left to a professional contractor. It can be tough to tell which company is best suited to your needs, however, since there are lots of companies out there.

Beyond experience, you need a business which has the support of Providence, RI — one that has a good track record of providing a diverse clientele with framing work which stands the test of time, and is representative of the design. Brennan & Associates Inc matches that description perfectly–and in addition to that our prices are among the most affordable!

The framework of a structure is just that–the frame that all else is constructed onto. While there are other substances added on after the fact, the framework itself has to be strong and durable, not to mention an accurate interpretation of the layout itself.

Our goal is always to interpret our client’s designs into high caliber frames the building business can utilize to dictate their job. A building is just as solid as its frame, which explains why we are so dedicated to strong workmanship.

You don’t become a leader in the framing industry by giving work that’s below standard. From beginning to finish, we are dedicated to delivering results that our customers can be happy with. Whether we’re working on a large scale apartment complex or a small office building, we remain driven by the objective of supplying work of the greatest possible calibur.

We’ve functioned for our community for years, providing commercial and residential building owners with expertly constructed frames that function as the foundation for their structures.

Our team is staffed with highly skilled people–we don’t choose just anyone to work with us! Our vetting process ensures that only the most qualified people in town work on your framing project.

Discover the difference a professionally constructed frame can make in your construction job, and contact Brennan & Associates Inc today.

A member of our qualified team will be delighted to offer you any additional information you require in order to make an educated decision when selecting us to play an important part in the construction of your new building. High quality work is simply a telephone call away.

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