Beautiful and Affordable Custom-Fit Cabinets In 30 Days

Our shop in Rhode Island is on steroids
with our full sized Artisan 408 CNC

Here’s Why You Should Care

The bottom line is you get a custom fit cabinet at an affordable cost.

The standard turnaround time for semi-custom cabinets at Home Depot is approximately 16 weeks. You’ll get your “custom-fit” cabinets in 30 days with us!

We will create beautiful cabinets, tables, custom closets, and built-ins for you. There’s a wide range of laminates or paints we can use for your desired look.

Do you want to add to your current bookcase or cabinets? We can precisely match any of your pieces so you don’t have to replace them.

We invested in this impressive machine (see below) because we got tired of installing low-grade cabinetry and having disappointed clients.

You want a beautiful result for an affordable investment and FAST! That’s what you’re going to get…guaranteed!

The smile on your face when you see your finished product is what makes us most proud. 

Why We Use A CNC Router Over A Traditional Router?

Makers traditionally use a panel saw combined with a manual router, hand drill, point-to-point or any combination of these items to produce cabinets. Traditional shop machinery relies on human accuracy which can be easily disrupted by not confirming a table saw, for example, is set to a true 90 degrees. Slight variations can lead to final fitting being off making it difficult to properly align doors, especially on modern, Euro style cabinets.

How to avoid these unnecessary losses? We use a cabinet making CNC router to do it right, fast and at high precision! A CNC controls automated machinery through a computer. 

The device can carve into, or hollow out, various types of materials. It is considered one of the most versatile woodworking tools a person can own and is especially useful for cabinetry.

This CNC Router has the capacity to process a full 4′ x 8′ sheet of material with an unmatched, industry leading 12” of standard gantry clearance, so we will chew through your projects faster and with more precision at a fraction of the cost.

Speed and accuracy are top benefits with our CNC router. A lot less time per cabinet to make and it reproduces exactly the same cabinets, wardrobes, and built-ins every time. We can also do commercial work like nurse stations, office spaces, and retail.