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Here’s Why You Should Care

The bottom line is you get a custom fit cabinet at an affordable cost.

The standard turnaround time for semi-custom cabinets at Home Depot is approximately 16 weeks. You’ll get your “custom-fit” cabinets in 30 days with us!

We will create beautiful cabinets, tables, custom closets, and built-ins for you. There’s a wide range of laminates or paints we can use for your desired look.

Why We Use A CNC Router Over A Traditional Router?

Makers traditionally use a panel saw combined with a manual router, hand drill, point-to-point or any combination of these items to produce cabinets. Traditional shop machinery relies on human accuracy which can be easily disrupted by not confirming a table saw, for example, is set to a true 90 degrees. Slight variations can lead to final fitting being off making it difficult to properly align doors, especially