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Are you really getting the most out of your basement? You might think of your basement as simply a place to store unwanted items– the winter jacket you only dig out once annually, boxes of old toys or photo albums, and so on, but it doesn’t need to be that way!

We specialize in remodeling basements; changing them from wasted space to rooms which homeowners can use for entertaining, extra bedroom area for in-laws or guests, or anything else you could imagine.

The biggest thing to look for is a business with experience. You require a company which has a powerful portfolio, which means you can be certain they are up to the challenge. You also require a company that has vision, and can give advice on what might work best in the space available. Finally, a company needs to have the ability to supply references which support its claims.

Our accredited carpenters are able to work on jobs of all types. Whether you’re searching for a new mantle to your fireplace or need your hardwood flooring refinished, we are here in order to assist.

Brennan & Associates Inc matches this description perfectly–we are highly experienced and well known in Providence, RI and have an eye for the finer things. Whether you know just what you wish to do with your basement or you need a bit of help settling on something, we are here to help.

For many, the cellar is little more than the place where the water heater is kept. It’s an unwelcoming area that houses items which are rarely used but you can’t seem to part with yet.

Together with Brennan & Associates Inc’s basement remodeling services, your basement can be changed into whatever you desire. Whether you’ve dreamed of installing the ideal entertainment system, or are looking for the very best place for your home office, we can help get you there.

The initial step in any remodeling job is to sit down with the homeowner to have a sense of what it is that they aspire to achieve. Once this was established, our team can assemble a strategy for your project, all based off of the customer’s budget.

Among the biggest benefits of a basement remodel is the fact that it can be accomplished regardless of how much you’re willing to spend.

If your budget is larger, we can do a comprehensive overhaul of this space, but if you’re trying to invest a more conservative amount, we could find creative ways to make the most of the budget.

A remodeling project of any size is a substantial undertaking. The intent is to fully re-imagine a space, so you require a company that you can trust. Brennan & Associates Inc has years of expertise, and is a respected remodeling company in town.

With competitive prices and reliable, friendly service, we are among the top choices in the city for quality basement remodeling solutions. Start making the most of your space today, and give us a call to set up a consultation with a part of our talented team.

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